Why You Need a Pool Inspection

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If you have a pool and need to get it registered and certified by your local Council you will need a pool fence inspection. Whether you are building a new home with a swimming pool or just looking to get your existing pool inspected there is a strict set of requirements and fines that apply for non-compliance. Our inspectors will ensure your pool fence meets the required safety standards to reduce the risk of drowning.

The Victorian Government has introduced new laws that require owners of all pools capable of containing water greater than 300mm to have their pool barriers inspected and certified as compliant with the relevant Australian Standard. These regulations are designed to reduce the number of drownings in home pools and spas.

A pool inspection melbourne is carried out by a VBA-qualified inspector to assess the condition and functionality of your pool fence. The inspector will inspect the entire physical barrier around your pool and provide you with a detailed report. The inspector will look for gaps, weaknesses, and missing components that could put people in the pool area at risk of injury or death.

If your pool is not meeting the safety standards you will receive a certificate of barrier non-compliance and be given 60 days to make the necessary changes to bring it into compliance. If you do not fix the issues within that period a re-inspection will be required and a new certificate of barrier compliance will be issued.

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