How to Play Sports Relays

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Relays are a great way to get kids moving and learning about teamwork. The first team to finish a relay race wins. The game can be made even more challenging by adding obstacles like hula hoops and buckets of water to the course.

The first leg of a relay is called the lead-off leg. This is where the first member of a team runs to a designated exchange zone, retrieves the baton from a teammate, and passes it off to the next person on the team. The lead-off runner is usually selected because of their speed or ability to sprint. Resource

Overcoming Adversity: Inspirational Comebacks in Sports Relay Competitions

A fumbled or dropped baton is a common cause of disqualification in relay races. The baton must be handed off within a designated zone which is 10 meters or 11 yards on each side of the starting line in sprint relays.

The runner that completes the final leg of a relay is known as the anchor. The anchor is typically not the fastest runner on a team, but they must have excellent straight-away speed, be able to run the curve well, and possess good speed endurance. This final runner is also responsible for keeping up with the runners ahead of them.

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