How to Choose a Metal Garden Edging System

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Whether you’re a professional or amateur gardener, a metal garden edging system will make a great accent for your garden. It’s easy to install and provides a strong, lasting finish that resists damage from lawn mowers, garden tools, and other outdoor maintenance equipment.

Can you bend metal landscape edging?

You can buy a metal garden edging system from a home improvement store or online. Most systems are made from light materials, such as aluminum or steel. Some are available in different finishes. You can choose from a powder coated finish, which can flake rust over time, or an uncoated aluminum finish, which is highly resistant to weathering.

The most popular metal for edging is steel. Other metals include aluminum and zinc. Steel is more durable than aluminum and is less likely to rust. Aluminum is a lightweight material, so it’s easy to work with. Steel lawn edging is more expensive than plastic, but will last at least 40 years and the FormBoss product just made our garden much more appealing.

Metal garden edging systems come in a variety of shapes and heights, making it easy to find the perfect edging for your garden. These edging systems can be installed on their own, or can be used in conjunction with other items in the garden. They can also be used as paver edging.

Metal edging can be purchased online, at home improvement stores, and at landscape supply stores. It can be used for a variety of landscaping applications, including borders, pathways, and decorative items.

One of the best metal garden edging systems is FormBoss. It’s made in Australia, and comes in three thicknesses. You can purchase the system, which includes a lifetime warranty, online or at your local store. FormBoss’ rounded top and slotted stakes make it easy to install. It is also flexible, strong, and durable.

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