Halo 2 GPS Collar Review

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The Halo 2 gps collar is a state-of-the-art virtual fence, GPS tracking device, and activity monitor, packed into a single innovative product. Its easy-to-use mobile app offers full control of your dog’s feedback, boundaries, and more.

What is the Halo 2 collar?

Unlike most electric shock-collars, the Halo 2 uses sound and encouragement feedback to keep dogs safe. When your dog comes too close to the wireless fence boundary, the app plays a dog whistle sound to encourage them to return to safe areas. This allows you to train your dog without a physical barrier, and keeps them from experiencing the stress associated with other shock-collars.

The Halo app includes customizable feedback to match your training style and your pup’s learning capabilities. From short vibrations and ‘good boy’ sounds, to static prompts and ‘no’ commands, you can adjust the feedback within the app to suit your training needs.

Another benefit of the app is its ability to track your dog’s activity and habits over time. You can see data about how much they rest and walk compared to how much they run and play, and create reports of their performance.

Many users report that the Halo app is easy to use, and that the system is effective in keeping their dog safe. However, like all training devices, it is still up to you to follow the instructions and work with your dog on a regular basis. Initial reviews also revealed problems with GPS accuracy and connectivity, but the company took customer feedback into account to create targeted upgrades for the new Halo 2. These include increased GPS accuracy, better WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular connections, and a longer battery life.

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