Choosing the Best Solar Panels For Your Home

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best solar panels

Choosing the right solar compare is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your renewable energy system. You want to ensure that the panels you choose meet your energy needs, fit on your roof and look good in your home. There are many factors to consider including the efficiency level and wattage of the panel, as well as the degradation rate and temperature coefficient. Choosing the wrong solar panels could significantly cut into your energy savings.

While a slightly higher efficiency rating doesn’t necessarily indicate better quality, manufacturers must also have the right manufacturing process, real world performance and reliability, manufacturer support and warranty conditions to be considered among the best. Our rankings take into account all of this information and more.

Solar Made Simple: A Comprehensive Guide to Comparing Solar Panel Options

Qcells is a brand that produces high-efficiency solar panels with PERC technology. Their panels are widely available through various solar installation companies, including both chain companies such as Sunrun and ADT Solar and local installers. Their panel costs are on the higher end, but their brand recognition and higher efficiency, wattage, and temperature coefficient might make them worth the investment for some homeowners.

REC Alpha Pure Series are made of high-quality materials and are built without gaps between the cells, increasing their active surface area to maximize efficiency. They also have a 25-year performance and quality guarantee. These panels must be installed by a REC certified installer to qualify for the full warranty period.

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