The Illinois General Assembly has approved legislation ending cash bail. The legislation was designed by the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus, which advocates for criminal reform. The governor hasn’t signed it yet, but it will be implemented by January 2023. Once it takes effect, Illinois will become one of the first states to have cashless bail illinois.

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The Illinois House of Representatives passed the bill on a 32-23 vote, and the state Senate voted in favor, with five Democrats voting against it. This new law will require judges to impose the least restrictive conditions needed to ensure a person will appear in court. The law will not be fully implemented until 2023, but it represents a significant step for reformers in the state.

While the Illinois SAFE-T Act was passed in March, some law enforcement officials have expressed concern over the bill. They believe that cash bail has led to more crime. Many criminals have no money for bail, and therefore, end up in jail. It’s unclear whether the law will actually lead to more people being released sooner than expected.

The legislation is a major change from the previous bail system. The new law is expected to help the criminal justice system become more efficient and effective. In addition to eliminating cash bail, Illinois has made other improvements to its justice system. It requires police departments to use body-worn cameras across the state, which will increase their accountability.

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