The problem with PBN links is that they are often not that high-quality. If you have one PBN domain with hundreds of links to your main website, you’re likely to lose a lot of Google ranking juice. And having thousands of low-quality PBN sites can hurt your main site’s domain authority, which can result in poorer rankings. Also, buying a PBN from a stranger can be a bad idea because the links aren’t always of the highest quality. Go here

What Are Why You Shouldn’t Buy Low-quality Pbn Links?

The main reason to use a PBN is to build a link profile that is related to your niche. This is because PBNs are essentially private blog networks, and if the sites don’t have any content relevant to the niche, they’re likely part of a private blog network. Using a WHOIS lookup tool can help you identify if a particular PBN site belongs to more than one joint owner.

You should research PBN links before you purchase them. If the links are from a private blog network, they’re probably part of a network of sites. Typically, these sites lack quality content and aesthetically pleasing design. Instead, they’re spammy backlinks and regurgitated articles. You can also use WHOIS tools to identify joint owners, which are usually a few different people. Once you know who owns the PBN, you can buy the links from them.