Carpet Pre Spray

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carpet pre spray

A great way to save time and money when best pre spray for carpet cleaning is to first pre spray it. This technique helps to break down soiling in the fibers and dislodge it, which is more easily removed by a hot-water extractor.

A wide range of carpet pre sprays are available to assist in the removal of greasy and light soiling before extraction or rotary brush shampoo cleaning. These products are typically comprised of non-butyl solvents, biodegradable surfactants and builders that assist in the removal of oily soils from all types of commercial carpet.

Green Balance® Product Overview

Bridgepoint Systems developed a line of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that use readily biodegradable surfactants and no hazardous solvents. All the ingredients in these Green Balance products have been backed up by solid science and are proven to remove a significant amount of soiling without contributing to rapid resoiling.

The results of these scientific tests led to formulas that were then submitted for testing by a leading independent laboratory to ensure that they could actually remove a substantial amount of soiling, earning them the Carpet & Rug Institute’s Seal of Approval.

The Benefits of Using Carpet Pre-Spray in Your Cleaning Business

Clean Away® Carpet Pre-Spray is a mild non-butyl solvent and biodegradable detergent formulated to loosen traffic soils in all types of commercial and residential carpet before extraction or rotary brush shampoo cleaning. It is effective on both commercial and residential nylon, including stain resistant nylon, wool and polypropylene.

CT Booster® – Powdered Booster and Soil Remover (formerly Flex Pre-Spray) is a highly effective, mild, alkaline, powdered carpet booster and soil remover that uses active oxygen to brighten the color while the surfactants penetrate and lift the oils and grease from carpet and tile. The result is a very effective, economical, low odor booster and soil remover for all applications from restaurants to residential.

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